Monkey Notes

It’s been 3 days since I left home and I regret absolutely nothing. The fresh air, the wind on my back and the stars as my guide by night inspire me. I had no idea before I left home how diverse this island was. Every day I learn something new…

Today I started sketching some houses from Barro, a small town just outside of Wooden Village. The ground here is soggy and hard to walk in, not only because of the uneven footing but also because it’s so damn humid! I’m a little embarrassed to show you guys my drawings but here it goes…the house in the middle was so awesome, it was hanging on a giant branch and had a mud roof. They saw me sketching in the neighborhood and let me tour the inside of the house – what a break from the humidity, the mud does wonders to keep things cool! The net underneath the house is where their toddlers are learning to climb. Much safer than where I learned that’s for sure!

Next door there was a bridge that looked like a hanging tube. So functional in this muddy and rainy terrain! The Ikkis here are so hospitable and nice, they invited me in to eat with them and tour their community food hut. It’s the one I drew on the bottom right that has a bunch of sticks poking out from it and circular entryways. I was starving! We ate the most delicious mushrooms and they showed me which ones were poisonous too. That’s great advice cause I will need to gather my own food in the coming days.

I’m super tired so I will let you guys go. I’m spending the night here and tomorrow journeying on! Let me know what you think about these sketches and if you’re from Barro, cheers…thanks for the hospitality!

Monkey Notes 1 Camps