That holiday in the sun, shiny new motor, or maybe a cheeky shopping spree you’ve been thinking about. We have all had these kinds of thoughts while playing at a casino. What’s more, the potential for winning big is even more enticing when you play on a jackpot game. It’s helpful to know your way around the variety of jackpot games a casino can offer and how exactly they stack up such big winnings. You’ll probably come across 4 of the most common types of jackpots in your search for that pot of gold.


The perfect place for those starting in the jackpot world. The prizes are usually quite small but this also means they hit more often. This can give you a more frequent taste of success! Once triggered, the jackpot refreshes to its original amount and starts filling up again. So if you want to win fast and often, this is the jackpot for you!

Standalone Progressive

Usually contained within one machine or game. Each time you play, the jackpot starts to fill up and displays the total for you to see. Remember to keep playing until you win because someone else could come along and snake your prize!

Proprietary Progressive

Otherwise known as an independent jackpot. These offer the chance of a bigger prize, spread out over a number of machines or slots in one casino. Unfortunately, they cost more to play. This leads to a higher risk of loss but with the chance of a juicer prize. It could be worth the gamble!

Wide Progressive

These jackpots are the biggest of the lot. You can play them mainly online, across many casinos and networks. The prizes that you win are far higher than those of other types of jackpots. Winning one of these could change your life! However, the high stakes come with remarkably low odds and only a few players out of thousands can win.

What would you do if you won a jackpot?

The term ‘Jackpot’ has been in use since the late 19th century in the poker world. A pot of winnings increased until with two Jacks or more, a player could open and collect the prize. This added to the thrill of playing and increased the stakes. So you see there are many different types of jackpots and there is something for each type of player. MegaMoolah is a game with a great jackpot following if you’re elgible to play – check it out! Now you know a little more about how these machines add up and where to place your money. It’s time to have fun!