KYC and Documents

There are a handful of reasons why additional documents can be necessary for your account. Whether you are trying to withdraw winnings or get ahead of the game by having your source of income verified by a casino, you will most likely need to upload some photos! Let us suggest a few pointers so that you can snap a great picture and have your account verified so you can play on…


In order to make sure the picture doesn’t blur, check that you are in a space with bright lighting and that you are holding your phone or camera steady. Most phones have an automatic focus that can be activated by tapping once in the middle of the screen. All of the letters and numbers on your documents need to be really legible so if you’re on the fence about whether it’s too blurry, play it safe and snap another one that’s more in focus.


When you submit a bank card, it’s necessary to send in a picture of both sides of the card. We don’t need to see all of the numbers on the front of the card but the first 6 and last 4 digits do need to be legible. Make sure on the back of the card that the 3-digit CSC next to the signature strip is also clearly visible. These are important so that we know your account is actually yours!

Don’t crop!

When you take a photo of your personal identity card, drivers license or passport make sure all four corners of the document are showing. Go ahead and leave yourself some margin around the sides of the document just to make sure all the corners and sides are in the frame. It is equally important that both sides are visible, front and back or, in the case of a passport the entire front page showing your personal details and picture!

Centered and Flat

Whether you’re snapping a picture of a utility bill, a proof of income or your identity documents it’s important that they are on a flat surface and as crease-free as possible. Set your documents on a flat surface so that all the corners are shown and the required information is unabstructed and you shouldn’t have any problems!

It’s up to you!

Ultimately these tips and tricks will save you time and it is in our interest to make sure you can deposit and withdraw with ease. Uploading onsite has a size restriction of 2MB so we recommend that you let us help you add the documents to your account manually. Having your documents verified sooner rather than later will pay off and don’t forget if you have any further questions to contact us at or through the live chat on our site!