Winning in Slots

Playing slot machines is really fun and with industry insider advice your experience while playing can be that much better. Have you ever wondered if some machines are programmed to payout at certain times? Or whether or not playing a single game over and over again will bring it closer to a huge payout? If you’re here it’s because you understand there’s some calculation behind how a slot machine works. Let us give you some casino tips right from the floor. It all starts inside the machine!

Calculating wins

Modern slot machines, both physical and online use a small mathematical tool called a random number generator. The only job this device has is to create numerical combinations. Game programmers either physically or digitally install a generator into the slot machine. It’s important to know that it is constantly running, whether there is someone playing at the slot machine or not. What happens when you press “spin”? The random number generator spits out a number. At that exact point in time, it frees the screen to display the number that the generator has landed on. Why don’t you see an actual number then? This number connects to what the game makers program as a “payline.

Paylines show it all

Part of the fun of playing a slot is the dazzling display of the graphics. Bright symbols, flashing reels and sometimes even a game will display the combinations of paylines that are possible. A game like Starburst from the game provider NetEnt makes this experience flashy and fun. What the payline shows across the reels of the machine is what the generator has output at that very moment. The symbols and combinations will vary from machine to machine but all slots have a random number generator. It’s good to remember that the numbers the generator comes up with are in fact random and not programmed to a certain amount of wins or losses. You are just as likely to hit a big win on the first spin as you are on the last!

Payout frequency

So why do people talk about machines that are hot and cold? Will a machine that has not “paid out” in a long time be due to hit a big win? The short answer is no. Essentially there is the same likelihood of you winning on the first spin as there would be after quite a few spins. What does change, however, is the frequency any given slot machine will have a payback. Every machine is a little different and sometimes the game providers use one payout percentage and sometimes it is variable. Payout frequencies vary between 85%-98% and depend on the bet size you make. This means that if you make a small bet then the smaller payout frequency will be used automatically. Likewise, if you bet a larger amount then a higher payout frequency will apply.

Not all games are the same

There are slot machines that have a fixed payback frequency too. So no matter what bet size you make, the same percentage will apply. Every manufacturer or game provider is different and the payout frequencies behind their slot machines vary. Remember that the percentages are averages based on thousands of spins. That means over time as the slot machine outputs more numbers it will get closer and closer to its theoretical payback percentage. That is to say that machines are not “pre-programmed” to have a win after a certain amount of time. Casinos host slot machines from a variety of game providers and fill the lobby with a variety of machines so that there is something for everyone.

Play smart

What’s the number one mistake slot players make? They forget that winning at slots is a game of chance. Slots are among the most popular games at almost all casinos and are fun to win because they require less strategy than other casino games like Poker or Blackjack. Knowing how payback frequencies and wins make your time worthwhile is important! A game like Book of Dead from game provider Play n’ Go is fun because of its popularity. Games like El Jackpotto or Wish Upon a Jackpot use jackpots integrated into their payback frequency. Choose slot machines that you enjoy playing – each one is a little different. These tips on understanding slot machine wins are for you to understand how these machines work. If you’re eligible to play you can make your gameplay that much more fun!