Monkey Notes

sketches from faraway worlds

Hey again, it’s me! Writing to you this time from the East Coast of Ikibu. It took me weeks to walk through Skyground and honestly it’s a good thing I had the help of the Ikkis from there because it was outrageously foggy. I walked for quite a bit with a makeshift headlamp by burning some of the mushrooms and lichen I brought with me from Barro. These fungi are amazing and what incredibly useful advice I got. I’ve decided to dry some of them and see if I can trade or barter for at the port…let’s see how it goes and wish me luck! (Between you and me I’m hoping to get some local fruit, I hear it’s delicious. I could also use some climbing materials so we will see what I drum up.)

Just sitting in a corner here at the port and trying to catch a break from the winds. The air is so different here and each wind gust has a smell of spices, sweets and exotic fruits. I haven’t thought about home yet and honestly I’m way too committed to this adventure to look back. Good god these sapins are delicious – they burst in your mouth when you bite down on them. I wish I could say what they remind me of exactly..ugh, well you get the idea. Beyond the sounds of wind and the cargo unloading I can feel the proximity of the water.

Everyone keeps talking about this “magic” place. I’m not really sure what could be there but I’m game and when enough locals point it out, you know it has to be good, right? Turns out it’s actually a few dozen kilometers off the port and is this mind-blowing musical bamboo forest. Truly cannot be missed, all of these super tall bamboo shoots have holes drilled into them so when the wind blows through them they chime. It’s overwhelming and transforming. I stood in the middle of it for a bit just to take it all in and saw that the holes are actually made by these birds that have really sharp beaks and tall ears. They stand out from the bamboo with multicolored feathers. It’s insane that they make these holes themselves…

I may stick around here for a bit, I’ve made a few friends near where I’m camping and I want to ask if anyone has climbed Kruu Gha. In the meantime these chimes are putting me to sleep and I’m running out of graphite to sketch – guess it’s back to the port tomorrow ha!