What’s a seed at Ikibu?

Your questions about seeds, answered!

1. What do I get with my seeds?

Spins and Promotions

Unlike traditional casinos, at Ikibu you can play in two “currencies”. One is your country specific currency and the other is with our island currency of “seeds”. Each seed has a corresponding value to your currency and allows you access to three things: spin Promotions in the Shop that are on limited offer, spins in Journey Games that you unlock as you advance, and access to Races. These offers are only available for seeds so make sure you use them!

2. Why should I use them?

Redeem them!

Because you will collect them as you play! We work hard to select great games for our users based on popularity, payout and new releases from the hottest providers in our lobby. Might as well use what you get for your seeds, who knows? You could discover a new favorite! When you use your seeds they should manually discount from your seed balance on site. If there are any issues with this reach out to a Chat Host!

3. How can I collect more seeds?

Seed harvesting symbol

You “earn” seeds in a few different ways. One is by leveling up to a new Sector, which will happen the more you play. When you level up to a new Sector, click on the Journey to manually harvest your seeds and add them to your wallet. You can also win seeds by winning a Race or by claiming a bonus that has a seed credit attached to it’s value. Seeds should automatically credit to your account after winning a race or claiming a bonus so if there are any issues, make sure you speak with a Chat Host onsite!

Seeds are yet another way you increase your win potential at Ikibu! Don’t forget that if you have any questions you can contact a Chat Host pre-login or after logging in.