Seed Varieties in Ikibu

beautiful seed varieties

1. Green Seed:

This is the most commonly found seed in Ikibu and they’re found in every region of the island. The seeds vary in size depending on how much precipitation there is. On occasion, you can find a seed that’s not quite green since the plants themselves vary in shade and tone.

2. Zanha Seed

From bushes that are low to the ground and with incredibly shallow root systems, these seeds are mostly found inland where there is a colder, drier climate.

3. Giant’s Tear Seed:

This is a seed that is found in humid climates and areas of Ikibu that are ripe with rivers and freshwater tributaries. You can find this seed floating on the water and harvest it by removing the fragile, transparent membrane. If left unharvested it will simply float along with the river current to the shore.

4. Ocarina Seed:

Rarer than most, this seed is incredibly hard and can be found in the hotter desert climates of Ikibu. This seed is monocarpic, it exists on it’s own and dies after one bloom once the interior of the seed has been used up. Tribes in the desert climates of Ikibu make ocarina flutes with the hard shell exteriors of the dried seeds.

5. Pua-Pua Seed:

Pua-Pua seeds grow in areas with rich soil content, they are really easy to access and recognizable by their lush green leaves. As the leaves grow, their color changes to a golden hue and they become hard and spiky – the perfect size and shape for arrow making.

6. Gloomus Meritha Seed:

Found in lush, dense forests near the riverbank. The majority of these seeds are edible but some produce a toxin that, if it reaches the blood system can leave you dead in a matter of minutes. The deadly seeds are easy to pick out because they have a bright purple color.

7. Corolaria Seed:

Found all over the island but their plants only bloom in Spring. These seeds are very small but have a very strong smell that attracts insects to pollinate and spread the Corolaria.

8. Pirexianita Seed:

This is a curious seed that makes its home inside of volcanic rock. When they get to be a larger size the rock starts to fissure and explodes open, creating little explosions against the ground. The leaves of this plant are large, dry and incredibly toxic.

9. Fairy Flute

This seed is incredibly rare and flourishes in extreme temperatures like polar climates and within lava beds. It has a resistant exterior that protects its flower, that grows inside. The flowers are edible and have healing properties.