Making the Most of a Live Game at an Online Casino

live casino card game

Why Live Casinos are Unique

Live casino games have revolutionised the online casino industry. The experience of being in the comfort of your own home and yet worlds away in an international online casino at the same time has driven the popularity of these games. What makes them so special and how can you get the most from these unique virtual games?

Live casino games, including blackjack and roulette, are streamed from tailor-made casinos in Europe and feature a live dealer. Just like in a physical casino, you can see the tables and the game equipment. Of course interact with the dealer from the screen of your phone or computer. You can use the Live Chat feature to talk with the dealer and the other players. In addition, you can place bets at the click of a button and switch between different games and tables at will.

If you have never played a live game before, it’s best to start slow. Choose a low stake, pick a game you’re familiar with and if you’re stuck, ask questions! The dealers will help you out if need be and there are also help files on hand.

Interacting with the Dealer

The dealers are there to help if they can, but just remember that there are certain things they can’t say. They are not there to flirt, for one thing! And they definitely cannot help you win or give you an edge in any way, nor can they share personal details, jokes, or discuss politics or religion.

However, if you have game related questions they can help. Simply type a question into the chat box and they will respond verbally on screen. Don’t forget to put your sound on of course!

Try a live game!

At Ikibu there are a variety of live games to choose from like blackjack, baccarat and roulette from the top game providers. If you normally play slots or other non-interactive games, it can come as a bit of a change to try out a live game. Regardless of your strategy, style or stake you just mind end up finding a new favourite – who knows?!

Just remember to gamble responsibly! If you’re not having fun anymore then it’s time to call it a day.